Committees & Topics

General Assembly Fourth Committee [GA4]
1. Humanitarian and Economic Assistance to Palestinian Refugees
2. Comprehensive Review of the Whole Question of Peacekeeping Operations
Please note that the General Assembly will convene in a Plenary Session following debate on these two topics to elect five rotating members of the Security Council for 2010-2011. More details will be available in the Background Guide.

Commission on Sustainable Development [CSD]
1. Inclusive and Sustainable Approaches to Poverty Alleviation
2. Disaster and Vulnerability Reduction

Commission on the Status of Women [CSW]
1. Women’s Roles in Post-Conflict Reconstruction
2. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the Great Lakes Region

Security Council [SC] and Reformed Security Council [RSC]
Please note that the SC and Reformed SC will be using the same topics.
1. The Situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan
2. Peace and Security in Africa: Strengthening the UN’s relationship with the African Union