Application (Committee President)

Please fill out the application and email it to

Personal Information
1. Your Full Name:
2. Your School (or alma mater):
3. Your Email Address:
4. Phone Number (preferably cell phone):

Position Information
5. Committee You Are Applying For:
6. Second Choice (if applicable):
7. Third Choice (if applicable):

8. Please list all Model United Nations experience that you feel is applicable. You may include conferences attended as a delegate, conferences attended as a head delegate/adviser, conferences attended as a staff member, leadership in a Model United Nations team, etc.
9. Choose one or two specific lines in your answer to question 8. How did the experience gained from them help qualify you for this position?
10. Please list any relevant experience unrelated to Model United Nations.
11. Choose one or two specific experiences in your answer to question 10. How did the experience gained from them help qualify you for this position?

Additional Questions
12. A delegate or group of delegates have continually submitted to the dais a working paper that calls for actions to be taken that the committee cannot take (ie an ECOSOC trying to send peacekeepers into a conflict area, or the Human Rights Council trying to amend the UN Charter). After informing them two times that their language is calling for actions that the committee simply cannot take, the delegates resubmit the paper without changing this section. How would you react? Would you accept the paper as a Draft Resolution?
13. Please look at the sample working paper provided in Word. Make sure that Track Changes is on and edit the paper as if it was submitted to you for the first time as you find it. (If you don’t know how to turn on Track Changes, you can find it under “Review” in newer versions of Microsoft Word, and under “Tools” in older versions. If you don’t have MS Word, please find another way to show your edits in the original file.) You can find the sample working paper file here: nwmun-2008-sample-working-paper1

Additional Information
14. Please attach a writing sample related to Model United Nations (i.e. a Position Paper or Director’s Report / Background Guide) that you have written to this email. The sample should be roughly two single-spaced pages in length. Also, please explain what the sample is, when it was written, and for which conference, as well as any other relevant context for the sample.
15. If there is any other information you’d like us to have, please attach it here or in a file attachment to the email. Please do not attach more than two (2) pages of additional material.

Thank you for applying for staff at Northwest Model United Nations!